Hein-kuhn Oh, Artist Lounge Talk !


Hein-kuhn Oh, Artist Lounge Talk

Date: April 30 FRI, 2010
Place: Artsonje The Books
Sponsored by IANNBOOKS
Contact: 02-734-3105 / info@iannmagazine.com

Artist’s Talk 18:30-19:20
IANNBOOKS Editor’s Talk 19:30-20:30
Artist’s Book Signing 20:30-21:00

The works of Jang Taewon (Dwyane Wade Studio)


How would it look if a white wall was filled with the poster work of Jang Taewon?
To be able to see a photographer's work on the wall is a delightful experience.
This is designer Jung Kyu Hyuk's studio (Dwyane Wade).










IANN vol.5 Growing Up



03 Introduction
04 Kenshu Shintsubo Fluid / Girl
22 Hein-kuhn Oh Cosmetic Anxiety
36 Soody Sharifi Teenagers & She/He
46 Suk-kuhn Oh Paragons of Teens
56 Judith van IJken Mimicry
66 Takashi Homma TOKYO TEENS
82 Interviews & Essays
106 Contributors
Booklet Heinz Peter Knes Eva / Mirjam


“Youth is present only when its presence is a problem, or is regarded as a problem.” - Dick Hebdige

There is a subtle difference between the terms “growing up” and “grown up.” In general, if “growing up” is a state of self-formation,
of going forward amidst continuous change, “grown up” is that of self-realization whereby the changes ripen and become complete.
If puberty can be understood as an incomplete period, physically and mentally, then adolescents are in that “growing up”phase
whereby it is only natural that they appear unstable or ambiguous.As a result, their provocative acts of change — the overflow
of individuality or showmanship — often risk becoming the object of restriction or censorship for the simple reason that they
lack a sense of identity. But what is the criterion for judging whether one is “growing up” or already “grown up”? As mentioned
by Dick Hebdige, when we take away our prejudiced gaze from our youth, how then is it present?...


Hein-kuhn Oh "Cosmetic Girls"

Hein-Kuhn Oh’s new book titled Cosmetic Girls is published by IANNBOOKS. It consists of Korean
teenager girls’ portraits wearing heavy make-up including his previous series Girls’ Act. By typifying
their cosmetic looks, the artist attempts to reveal the ambiguous identity of each individual expressed
in their facial masks and questions about their standardizing individualities due to the social desire and gaze.

Price: 30,000 won / Dimension: 255 x 325mm / Pages: 133 / Hard cover / Full-color / Edition 1000 only /
Published by IANNBOOKS (April,2010)

프로모션 회의중.

{New release} Taewon Jang Art Book !

 Taewon Jang’s poster-type book is a series of self-portraits that he set himself at the edge of shadows
and lights with limited edition 500 only. By damaging prints or torturing his own body, he has attempted
to reveal the visible and invisible world sensitively.

Price: 15,000 won / Dimension: 378 x 515mm / Pages: 32 / No Binding / Full-color / Edition 500 only /
Published by IANNBOOKS (March,2010)