2010 Seoul Photo Festival : Between the books : Workshop

 Bae Bien-U

 Choi Jong gyu

 Jeon Min-Jo

IANN (with Jeon Min-Jo)


2010 Seoul Photo Festival : Between the books




2010 Seoul Photo Festival

2010 Seoul Photo Festival

Seoul has lost "what Seoul is and what it was" while it has been being developed and expanded.
It is now only something that has 10 million population and is 605km2 in extent.
Seoul has evolved something else than itself derrying what it is. It is the time to stop and search for "Seoul."
However, Seoul, the city of velocity refuses to stop.
Seoul needs the mirror which can stop and make it look back itself. Photography, the mirror of time is the only tool which is able to do so.
This festival will look into Seoul through photographic documents and reflect upon Seoul itself.
By doing so, the Festival aims to return Seoul back to Seoul. Dates: 2010. 12. 20 ~ 2011. 1. 31
Venue: Seoul Museum of Art Kyunghigung Branch, Namseoul Branch

ILWOO photography prize book ! In sook Kim "speculum majus"

...The Dinner (2005) depicts a meal at which men in suits are served by — and in some instances symbolically consume —
attractive, nearly nude young women. We, the viewers, are out in the cold like the three passersby wearing winter coats;
forced to peer voyeuristically through a segmented glass wall, we witness but remain emotionally detached from interior
scenes that include remarkably calm, stylized instances of mayhem and bondage. It is all a bit like watching fictive sex
and violence on TV. The Auction (2006) presents a naked woman on a pedestal, partially surrounded on the rising wings
of a double staircase by ranks of dark-suited potential buyers, all male. One cannot help but feel that Kim’s earlier unease
with women’s role as the object of a relentless masculine gaze (the visual correlative of masculine desire) has here become
 outright protest against commodification — of the flesh, of youth and beauty, perhaps of art itself....
- Richard Vine from Talking Pictures an Interview with In Sook Kim

Price: 50,000 won / Dimension: 255x325mm / Pages: 100 / Full-color / Edition 500 only /
Published by IANNBOOKS / November, 2010