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Bandi n lunis



UNLIMITED EDITION 1st / indie book & magazine market

UNLIMITED EDITION is all about independent publishers and their creations.
While they distribute them directly to the public, visitors have the opportunity
to meet the makers of their favourite publications and exchange ideas.
Date: 2009.12.11fri – 13sun
Place: Inthepaper



Seung Woo Back series "Utopia / Blow Up"

Seung Woo Back’s new book is published by IANNBOOKS for the first time as limited edition.
This book combines one of his best series “Blow up” together with “Utopia” printed in a tabloid type newspaper.
Revealing veiled image of North Korea, he will question us once again what is real or unreal in our everyday life.

Price: 25,000won / Size: 378 x 515mm / 36 Pages / Tabloid newspaper type / Full-color / Published by IANNBOOKS (September,2009)

Mi-Jeong Baek series "nowhere, now here"

Have you ever experienced deja vu?
If the answer is yes, you may remember a similar dream that appears in Mi-Jeong Baek’s new series “nowhere, now here”.
The artist illustrates her dream that is neither real nor unreal but “has happened once” in some where or nowhere.
This lovely book is published by IANNBOOKS in September 2009 as limited edition.

Price: 10,000won / Size: 185 x 260mm / 32 Pages /No Binding / Full-color / published by IANNBOOKS (September,2009)

IANN vol.4 Nameless Ciries


04 Chikashi Suzuki
16 Introduction
19 Yoon-Jean Lee
30 Paul Graham
54 Olivo Barbieri
66 Richard Galpin
74 Lorenzo Durantini
78 John MacLean
86 Niels Stomps
94 Jan Lemitz
98 Contributors

"Modernity is not a dazzling spectacle or a superficial reality; modernity represents both." - Baudelaire

Just as Baudelaire stated that modernity is contradictory and unstable, the image of a city is also comprised
of a dual construct that is variable and dynamic, forming an intersection of ‘order’ and ‘chaos’.
This Special Issue brings together different cities that have been formed by rapid industrial development.
Nine artists presented in Volume 4 reveal a parallel gaze on the city, rendering subjects in a way that is
neither beautiful nor vulgar. Instead, each image transforms what was once a familiar sight into an
unaccustomed cityscape.


The NY Art Book Fair

The NY Art Book Fair

Printed Matter's annual fair of contemporary art books, art catalogs, artists' books, art periodicals,
and 'zines offered for sale by over 200 international publishers, booksellers, antiquarian dealers,
and independent artist/publishers. Admission to the fair is FREE.
P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center 22-25 Jackson Ave at the intersection of 46th Ave Long Island City, NY 11101
Friday/Saturday, October 2 & 3, 2009, 11am - 7pm Sunday, October 4, 2009, 11am - 5pm
The NY Art Book Fair is FREE and open to the public.




Thank you to everyone who visited ZINE'S MATE, TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2009.
The fair was a great success, far exceeding our expectations. Thnk you to our partners
and all the exhibitors for makin Tokyo's First Art Book Rair a reality. More than 800 people
attended the preview parties at EYE OR GYRE and VACANT. By the end of the third
fair day, over 8000 people had visited the fair's two venues. Publishers, authors,
artists and collectors made personal connections. High energy, excitement, conversation
and future plans were made.Its safe to say the fair was a pleasure for everyone invelved.
Demands for the event to return in 2010 are high. In the meantime please keep yourself
up to date with ZIME'S MATE profects here at zinesmate.org. New projets are on the
way. We will be in touch with Mixed booth participants shortly, sales are still be being
counted, our apologies. Many thanks, Directors Eguchi Hiroshi & Oliver Watson


IANN vol.3 Beyond the Silent Paper


05 Introduction
06 Artist’s Project: Masayki Shioda
17 Walead Beshty Material World
32 Thomas Demand Obama’s Oath and the Oval Office: Thomas Demand’s Faithful Reproductions
42 Malanine Willhide Artificiality: The dual nature of photographic reality
52 KDK (Kim Dokyun)  From A to W
62 Taisuke Koyama entropix 1.1
76 Lorna Macintyre Between Photography and Sculpture
86 Anni Leppala Possibility of Constancy
97 Contributors

This issue of IANN focuses on looking at a photograph not as a representation of reality but considering a photograph as a ‘material’
- as an object in its own right. In the current issue entitled Beyond the Silent Paper, IANN examines the works of Thomas Demand,
Melanie Willhide, Walead Beshty, KDK (Kim Dokyun), Koyama Taisuke, and Shioda Masayuki. Thomas Demand, known for his paper
models, constructs photographs using models that almost identically resemble real life. Willhide’s photographs are presented as completed
objects - using methods to create photographs with fabricated traces of time. Walead Beshty’s work combines photographs, installation
and sculptures to address a culture based on materialism and societal and political issues. In recent series SF and W, KDK(Kim Dokyun)
boldly simplifies 3-dimensional spaces and buildings to create visual illusions. Koyama Taisuke’s work is engaged in the reconstruction of
the subjects: objects spilling out of the city or items depicted as an alternative, to be portrayed in a flat or abstract manner.
The Artist Project section features the works of Shioda Masayuki. His works render the sensory nature of music and sound into images.