IANN vol.4 Nameless Ciries


04 Chikashi Suzuki
16 Introduction
19 Yoon-Jean Lee
30 Paul Graham
54 Olivo Barbieri
66 Richard Galpin
74 Lorenzo Durantini
78 John MacLean
86 Niels Stomps
94 Jan Lemitz
98 Contributors

"Modernity is not a dazzling spectacle or a superficial reality; modernity represents both." - Baudelaire

Just as Baudelaire stated that modernity is contradictory and unstable, the image of a city is also comprised
of a dual construct that is variable and dynamic, forming an intersection of ‘order’ and ‘chaos’.
This Special Issue brings together different cities that have been formed by rapid industrial development.
Nine artists presented in Volume 4 reveal a parallel gaze on the city, rendering subjects in a way that is
neither beautiful nor vulgar. Instead, each image transforms what was once a familiar sight into an
unaccustomed cityscape.

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