Hein-kuhn Oh, Artist Lounge Talk - distant view


Jeong Eun Kim (IANN Editor in Chief), Heayoung Shin (Art Critic), Hein-kuhn Oh (Photographer)

To celebrate the release of Hein-kuhn Oh's book 'COSMETIC GIRLS' IANN BOOKS organized a special
artist lounge talk at the Artsonje Center. In his new series, Hein-kuhn Oh keenly observes the behaviors and
presentations of teenage girls transitioning towards womanhood. Following the tradition of his style he
approached girls on the street and photographed them. He questions the meaning of beauty in today's society
and how much of it is avoidable or unavoidable from outside influence.
Prior to his new series the artist showed and discussed his previous works including the series 'Americans
them,' 'Itaewon Story,' 'Ajumma,' and 'Girls's Act.'

Date April 30 FRI, 2010
Time 18:30 ~ 21:30
Place Artsonje The Books
Sponsored by IANNBOOKS


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