ILWOO photography prize book ! Seung Woo Back "Blow Up / Utopia"

IANN BOOKS has published the work of ILWOO Photography Award winner, Seung Woo Back.
As a starting point for both series, 'Utopia & Blowup', Seung Woo Back uses material collected
from an expedition into North Korea's capital, Pyongyang. In 'Blowup' he draws our attention
to details that have undergone censorship by North Korean authorities while in 'Utopia' he digitally
reconstructs 1970s era propaganda images. As if looking at a panorama or a long film strip the images
are placed immediately after another creating a continuous flow and overall coherence.
Essays by Suejin Shin and Tim Maul along with an interview by Sohl Lee are included in the book.

Price: 30,000 won / Dimension: 260x180mm / Pages: 176 / Soft cover /
Full-color / Published by IANNBOOKS (June, 2010)



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