ILWOO photography prize book ! In sook Kim "speculum majus"

...The Dinner (2005) depicts a meal at which men in suits are served by — and in some instances symbolically consume —
attractive, nearly nude young women. We, the viewers, are out in the cold like the three passersby wearing winter coats;
forced to peer voyeuristically through a segmented glass wall, we witness but remain emotionally detached from interior
scenes that include remarkably calm, stylized instances of mayhem and bondage. It is all a bit like watching fictive sex
and violence on TV. The Auction (2006) presents a naked woman on a pedestal, partially surrounded on the rising wings
of a double staircase by ranks of dark-suited potential buyers, all male. One cannot help but feel that Kim’s earlier unease
with women’s role as the object of a relentless masculine gaze (the visual correlative of masculine desire) has here become
 outright protest against commodification — of the flesh, of youth and beauty, perhaps of art itself....
- Richard Vine from Talking Pictures an Interview with In Sook Kim

Price: 50,000 won / Dimension: 255x325mm / Pages: 100 / Full-color / Edition 500 only /
Published by IANNBOOKS / November, 2010


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