IANN vol.3 Beyond the Silent Paper


05 Introduction
06 Artist’s Project: Masayki Shioda
17 Walead Beshty Material World
32 Thomas Demand Obama’s Oath and the Oval Office: Thomas Demand’s Faithful Reproductions
42 Malanine Willhide Artificiality: The dual nature of photographic reality
52 KDK (Kim Dokyun)  From A to W
62 Taisuke Koyama entropix 1.1
76 Lorna Macintyre Between Photography and Sculpture
86 Anni Leppala Possibility of Constancy
97 Contributors

This issue of IANN focuses on looking at a photograph not as a representation of reality but considering a photograph as a ‘material’
- as an object in its own right. In the current issue entitled Beyond the Silent Paper, IANN examines the works of Thomas Demand,
Melanie Willhide, Walead Beshty, KDK (Kim Dokyun), Koyama Taisuke, and Shioda Masayuki. Thomas Demand, known for his paper
models, constructs photographs using models that almost identically resemble real life. Willhide’s photographs are presented as completed
objects - using methods to create photographs with fabricated traces of time. Walead Beshty’s work combines photographs, installation
and sculptures to address a culture based on materialism and societal and political issues. In recent series SF and W, KDK(Kim Dokyun)
boldly simplifies 3-dimensional spaces and buildings to create visual illusions. Koyama Taisuke’s work is engaged in the reconstruction of
the subjects: objects spilling out of the city or items depicted as an alternative, to be portrayed in a flat or abstract manner.
The Artist Project section features the works of Shioda Masayuki. His works render the sensory nature of music and sound into images.

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