IANN vol.1 Inside Out Outside In far East Asia


004 Edward Burtynsky China
020 Weng Fen The Chinese View of the World
026 Rinko Kawauchi Drawing senses
044 Seung Woon Back Unreal Reality Exposed by "Blow Up"
062 Yoichi Nagano Portray "Sima-gima"
074 Tim Lee Remaking the Remake
084 Young Artists
102 Contributors


In this first issue, we feature various works which are complied under the theme of 『Inside Out Outside In far East Asia』.
In today's cultural theme of the Other, images of Far East Asia; such as the rapidly changing China since the market opening,
South Korea still remained as a divided nation in global world and Japan so-called the West in far East Asia, are perhaps
accustomed subject matters and at the same time cliches of one's past and present. By confronting with these images which
have been piled up in many years inside and outside we understand one another, but on the other hand hold deep prejudice
against. There will always be images what it is taken to refer to the Other, that is neither true nor false

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