IANN vol.2 Nostalgia for Nature


004 Peter Sutherland  Backwoods
022 Artist's Project: Yong Hun Lee
032 Thomas Ruff  The Aesthetics of the Pixel
048 Jungjoo Kim The structural Rhythm Immanment in Repetition and Accumulation
056 Stephen Gill  A poetry of Loss
070 Catherine Yass Present Tense
082 Jaap Scheeren Wonderland
090 Contributors Writers
092 Shoda Masahiro  Uneasy Connection
098 Contributors Artists

  This issue of IANN is titled Nostalgia for Nature and it contains an array of works tied under the theme dealing with
the inseparable relationship between nature and human. Peter Sutherland has photographed deer that have wandered into
the city and Stephen Gill has captured the neighbourhood of Hackney in London in the Hackney Flower project,
minutely detailing the human longing for nature. In contrast, the toy deer that appears in photographs by Korean artist
Yong Hun Lee look like stuffed animals that have become extinct due to destruction of nature, and New JPEGs by
Thomas Ruff seem even more artificial because of the grids from the shape of pixels. Furthermore, images by Korean artist
Jungjoo Kim are representative of the mechanical and cold metallic city through drawings, objects and photographs

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