IANN vol.6 Freedom from the Known on the Line

03 Introduction
05 Santiago Mostyn
19 Hiroyuki Takenouchi
33 Kelli Connell
47 JinHee Kim
61 Miki Jo
75 Peter Hujar
83 Chan-Hyo BAE
97 In Sook Kim
111 Momo Okabe
125 Nobuyoshi Araki
136 Contributors
But when there is love and beauty, whatever you do is right, whatever you do is in order (...) It seems to me that one thing is absolutely
necessary and that is passion without motive-passion that is not the result of some commitment or attachment, passion that is not lust.
A man who does not know what passion is will never know love because love can come into being only when there is total self-abandonment.

- J. Krishnamurti from Freedom from the Known



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